Molyneux studio

Molyneux's studio was established in Chile and in Argentina in the early 70’s, in New York in the early 80’s and in Paris in 1998. Molyneux studio has worked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Molyneux studio has participed in several exhibitions in Argentina, Santiago de Chile, New York, Washington, Paris, Frankfurt and Versailles (Pavillon frais). His work has been published in more than twenty books on interior design and featured in several dozen leading shelter magazines. It has also been the subject of the 1997 monograph « Molyneux » by Rizzoli and, in 2016, of the book by Assouline : « Juan Pablo Molyneux at home. »

" As designers, we have been very lucky, " Molyneux says. " One day we can focus on Moscow, the next on California, and the third on India. We find ourselves constantly absorbing and adapting to different rhythms, cultures, and aesthetic vocabularies. Every day is an education—and an adventure. "