Molyneux's early studios, first in Chile and later in Argentina were gradually supplanted as the designer's journey took him to newer and wider horizons. The two studios he now maintains, one in New York (established 1982) and the other in Paris (established 1998), serve as the underpinnings that support, research, source, and implement Molyneux's work. " I  think of them as two wings of a great house ", Molyneux says. " They are separated by time and geography, but they're united by technology—and by the spirit of collaboration we've cultivated between the teams. "
Each studio can be made up of as many as a dozen architects, designers, and support staff at any one time. The work that emerges from all this dexterous and disciplined talent can range from a single piece of furniture to a 40-room mansion. The Molyneux studios have produced interiors all across the United States and South America, in every principal European country, and in Russia, Qatar, and Canada.

Exhibitions of the studios' work have been mounted in Santiago (1974), New York (2001, 2006, and 2007), Paris (2007), Frankfurt (2009) and Versailles (2010). Published in more than twenty books on interior design and featured in several dozen leading shelter magazines, it has also been the subject of a 1997 monograph from Rizzoli.
" As designers, we have been very lucky, " Molyneux says. " One day we can focus on Moscow, the next on California, and the third on India. We find ourselves constantly absorbing and adapting to different rhythms, cultures, and aesthetic vocabularies. Every day is an education—and an adventure. "